The 5 Best Tactical Boot Knives Of 2020

Boot knives are small sharp blades that are made to be worn on a boot. They are also known as secret agent knives because they are suitable for self-defence, they are tiny, lightweight, and can easily be hidden underneath. In this review, we will talk about their features and the things that matter to every customer.

Comparisson Table

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B

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Overall length 9 inches, blade is carbon steel and long 4.7 inches. Very comfortable rubber handle.
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Leatherneck Tanto Knife

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Overall length 12 inches, blade length 7 inches, and it is made of German D2 Steel.
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Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade

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420HC steel frame, full length is 7 inches, blade length is 3.3 inches.
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Schrade SCHF21 Secret Agent Fixed Blade Knife

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SAE-1070 carbon steel blade, very cool and deadly knife.
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Kershaw Secret Agent 4007 Single Edge

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Handle material is synthetic polymer, full knife length is 8.7 inches, blade length is 4.4 inches.
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Smith & Wesson Boot Knife

Smith & Wesson knife, most used by secret agents


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So let’s start this list with the famous brand Smith & Wesson. That company has been manufacturing all kinds of cold and firearms since 1852, so we guarantee the quality. Also, this company is known for paying much attention to knife designs, because it needs to be put together nicely with the useful ones, which they did.

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Full tang
Highly recommended

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The dimensions of this knife are much larger than average, of course, because of these dimensions you will need to get a large and high-quality sheath for it. And we do not recommend you wear this knife hidden under your clothes, because it is too big and everyone will notice it. It is best to tie a sheath around the boot, and the knife will be available to you immediately.

The dimensions are as follows: full knife length is 9 inches, while the blade is 4.7 inches long. You may have noticed that the knife has two edges, and it has a dagger point. Blade material is high carbon steel, which in our opinion is best for blades. Also, Smith & Wesson knife is full tang, which confirms durability and long life.


Leatherneck Tanto Tactical Knife

Leatherneck tanto knife, which resembles a katana


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Our goal is not to present you the most beautiful knives in the world. Our goal is to offer you the best ones—the ones you’ll use for years. Certainly, we will not say that this knife is ugly, but we will say that they have devoted more time to quality and less appearance. But when you take a closer look, this knife is beautiful, and its design resembles a Japanese Katana.

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Beautiful look
Excellent for outdoor
Nothing extra

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We will tell you this again; it would be best to wear this big knife in a conspicuous place. It would be best if you don’t hide it under your clothes because it is cumbersome. It is best to tie it around the boot. Here it is possible, because with the knife you get very quality plastic sheath. That sheath is very light, the blade fits into it and will last you a long time. The only thing you must buy is a belt. With that strap you’ll tie a sheath to the boot.

Overall knife length is 12 inches, which is quite a lot. Blade length is 7 inches, and they make it of german D2 steel. The thickness of the blade is 5mm (0.2 inches); that thickness will allow the blade to go through things smoothly. On top of that, what makes the knife even more durable is a full tang.


Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade

Gerber ghoststrike tactical boot knife, made for military purpose


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Here we come to the most popular tactical knife. The Gerber company, which manufactures military equipment, made it. Primarily, this knife was used by US army special forces and later appeared on the market.

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Very quality knife
Hollow handle

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This knife in the picture looks small, but in reality, this is an average knife. Its length is 7 inches. Of which, the blade is 3.3 inches and handle is 3.7 inches. They make the frame of this knife of 420HC steel. Also, the handle is of the same material but is wrapped with a thin layer of rubber, which makes perfect filling in hand and provides comfort. You may think the grip is narrow or uncomfortable, but trust us, this layer of rubber makes excellent gripping power.

The price is a little higher, but keep in mind that this is a very good quality tactical knife used by soldiers. With the knife, you get an excellent neoprene sheath, which is by far the best on the market for many customers. Our recommendation is Gerber because it is the highest-ranked boot knife on the list.


Schrade SCHF21 Secret Agent Knife

Schrade SCHF21 dagger knife made for secret agents


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First of all, this Schrade SCHF21 has a perfect look. No one should mess with you when he sees you with this knife. This is a great tactical boot knife for self-defence and survival. Its blade is so powerful that it can almost pierce everything in front of it. Keep in mind that, because this is a very dangerous knife.

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Excellent size
Super strong and durable
Sharpening may be required

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Blade material is the SAE-1070 carbon steel, which is one of the best and most durable metals of today. The blade has a length of 4.5 inches while the handle has the same length. The handle is wrapped with rubber which provides comfort. Also, the knife at the end of the handle has a glass breaker that can be of help in certain situations. And let’s not forget you get the extra nylon sheath, and it’s great for every day to carry.


Kershaw Secret Agent 4007

Kershaw 4007 is one of the best boot knives on the list


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We have reached the fifth knife, which is also the last on the list. The Kershaw 4007 knife is quite similar to its predecessors. It has the same handle design and has a dagger blade. The knife is excellent for self-defence, but it can serve as a survival tool, but we wouldn’t recommend it because it’s not designed for it.

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Comfortable handle

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You can see in the picture that the knife has two edges, but in reality, it only has one sharp edge while the other is dull. Unfortunately, we don’t know why, but you can sharpen that side at home. They make the knife of stainless steel which provides power durability and corrosion resistance.

Dimensions: blade length is 4.4 inches, handle length is 4.3 inches, overall length is 8.7 inches. Blade thickness is 0.125 inches.

Boot knives buyer’s guide

Now we will talk about all the knife features, and the thing that every customer should know. There may be a little more text, but that’s why you’ll know more.

Blade dimensions


If you’ve watched some secret agent action movies, you must have noticed that almost every secret agent has a knife. The boot knife serves as the last hope if the agent loses his firearms. That knife is usually put on the boot because it’s the easiest way to hide it. They are typically small and very thin, so they can be used more easily and not noticeably when they are hidden. This knife is top-rated between female agents because they can easier hide knife than men. As we said, boot knives are small and thin, but the blade length is not big too. The length of the blade must be long enough to wound and incapacitate the enemy. Blade lengths range from 3 to 4 inches.


In the previous paragraph, we indicated that generally, all boot knives are small. But there are also those knives whose size is larger than average. However, most people pay attention to blade length than its thickness. But other essential factors depend on the thickness of the blade, which will affect the quality, way of use and lifetime.

The first factor that depends on the thickness of the blade is the weight. If the blade thickness is bigger, the larger the knife’s weight would be. That is a problem because the knife will become heavy and awkward to carry. Also, weight is related to balance. But don’t worry, because the blades are small and any blade thickness won’t affect the weight and balance. But the critical thing that big thickness can aggravate is the cutting strength. The thinner the blade is, the easier it goes through things, and the higher the thickness is, the heavier it goes through things and will have less cutting power. The best thickness blade is from 0.1 to 0.2.5 inches.

Best blade materials

Many people are mistaken and always worry about the question of what is the best material for boot knives. Is this or that better? Does this last longer? So now we will try to answer all those questions that you have no answer.

Preference always have materials of recent times, for it means them to be more modern, lighter and of better quality. The reason why pure materials are not used, rather their alloys are used, we think is clear to all. Below we will write to you what materials are best, but we will also mention the older ones to keep you informed. But be careful, some materials require maintenance, so be cautious about this.

Carbon steel

This is the most used material for blade today. It is much lighter than pure steel, better quality, and lasts longer. If you have the opportunity to afford a carbon blade, do not miss this chance because this is the best buy material.

Stainless steel

After carbon steel, this is the most popular material. Similar characteristics like the previous one, but this is only one level less. It would be best if you consider which steel is best for you. Yes, we have all the recommendations for this steel.


Steel is by far the most used material for blade ever. However, with the advent of newer materials, people have stopped using it because it is heavy, lower quality than others and shorter lifetime. But of course, there are companies that still today make pure steel boot knives.


This material also has excellent characteristics. It is one of the lightest on the market; it is excellent, even firmer than steel, and lasts a long time. But the problem is the price of this material. It is a little bigger, but still affordable.

Point type

Point type is the last blade feature that we will talk about in this review. However, there are many point types, but we will list the most popular and the best.

Spear point

this top is made by the appearance of a spear. It has two sharp edges that rise and fall evenly at one point. In the main, the upper side is not sharp the entire length. The sharp edge starts from the middle of the blade. Also, it has a very sharp but very weak point, which, if used poorly, can easily stand out. Is the most popular boot knifepoint. This point is most often found on real csgo knives.

Tanto point

It’s not very common or a popular point, but we’ll definitely mention it. Its shape most closely resembles Japanese swords, more specifically, on a Katana. It’s good at cutting, but it’s not useful as a dagger. Tanto has one sharp edge, and it is the lower one, while the upper one remains dull.


This point is like the spear point, except that this point has two sharp points that are sharp all along. Great for scoring and cutting things. But as a spear point, it has a sharp but weak point.

Needle point

This point is a real killer. Perhaps one of the most used by secret agents. It is sharp, very well cut, and his best feature is scoring. The knives with this point are tiny and deadly.

Boot knife with needle poit blade

Handle dimensions

First, to indicate that the handle is usually very small, because these are single-handed knives. Usual, the handle is very thin so they can hide perfectly.

Handle length

Handle length is not such an important factor, but we will mention all things about it. The smallest length of the handle should be the same as the length of your hand, and the largest one should be 1-2 inches more. The handle must not be too long because we cannot use the knife with both hands. Length should be 4-5 inches.

Handle thickness

The thickness of the handle depends most on what kind of knife you want. For example, Gerber has no wrapped material while Smith Wesson has. The thickness should be optimal, thick enough to hold without falling out of your hands, and thin enough to be easily placed under your clothes or on a boot.

Best handle materials

The first thing that interests people about the handle is the material. We always want comfort and longevity. But here you first need to know that there are several types of handles. The first kind is regular, thick, and comfortable. And the second is one that is broad, thin and is wrapped with any material. Mainly this species is found on small knives intended for undercover agents. Many materials can be found on the handle, and now we will talk about it.

Leather and bone

We first need to clarify which materials you should not use. Those materials are leather and bone. The problem with leather and bone is that they are very slippery, and you need to put a thick layer on the handle. New materials are the best fit for some collector knives, not these.


In our opinion and the opinion of users boot knives, this is the best material for a handle. There are have many advantages and almost no disadvantages. Quality, price, durability, comfort and non-slip are its advantages. And the only downside is that it scratches easily.

Plastic handle

After rubber plastic is the most used handle material. Its advantages are comfort, durability (if it is of high quality) and it does not slip from the hand, unlike bone. You should definitely make sure that the plastic is of good quality because if not, all these advantages will become disadvantages.


Knives whose handle is full metal are knives of secret agents. Such blades are thin because agents must well hide them. For example, if you put a rubber on it, the knife would be large and would expose you. That is why it is best not to have the material on the hand.

Weight of knife

Maybe in this review, we have many factors that will not reflect poorly on the knife. Weight is one such thing. It is not too essential, but we will say something about it, so you know. Since this knife is small, no material cannot change its weight drastically. But if the knife is a little heavier than average, it may be not very pleasant while you are carrying it with you.

Best sheath material

Leather sheath

Leather is one of the most popular materials for a sheath. But in this case, I do not propose to you. The problem is that leather is a heavy material and won’t fit you if you put it around the boot. Our proposal is other lighter materials.


This is a popular material of which they make a sheath for knives. The good thing is that it is very lightweight and you almost don’t feel it when you wear it. Maybe this should be the best material for sheath, but there are many more options you should consider.


Kydex is also a popular sheath material, but its problem is that it is a little heavier and rougher. Certainly, this is a far better material than leather, so you have our recommendation.


As you know, this is a trendy material for dive knives sheath. It is also very popular here because it is very lightweight.