Top 6 Best Katana Swords of 2019

Katana is one of the most famous and popular swords ever made. Katana same as ninja sword originate from far east, Japan. Soldiers used Katana mainly for war and nothing else. In ancient times only samurai could use Katana, so people of Japan call Katana samurai sword. Katana is a slightly curved and single-edged sword that delights people easily. We have a lot to talk about the history and cool features of this sword, but first, let’s review the Top 6 Best Katana Swords of 2019 for sale.

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Ace Martial Arts Supply, Handmade Katana Musha

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Original Musha katana, 40 inches, full length is 40 inches, blade is sharp.
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Ace Martial Arts Supply Zetsurin - MUSHA (Burgundy)

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Overall length is 39.25 inches, blade is sharp, blade material is carbon steel.
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Tomoe Crest Tsuba, Handmade Samurai Katana

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Blade material is 1045 steel, wooden handle wrapped in cotton.
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Clay Tempered Katana with Rosewood Saya

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1095 Steel, Clay Tempered Blade, full length is 40 inches.
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Colored Sharp Katana Sword

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Length is 40.6 inches, multi-colored blades and sheaths, 1060 folded steel.
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xinan2018 Samurai Katana

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Handmade sword, blade is sharp, made of high-quality carbon steel.
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History of best katana swords


The earliest predecessor of Katana was a Jōkotō which people made using Chinese and Korean sword designs. Jōkotō was a one-handed straight sword. Like the later samurai swords, Jōkotō was a single sharp edge.

At the beginning of the 9th century, they replaced one-handed Jōkotō by a two-handed much-curved Tachi. This sword was longer than the Katana but did not turn out best. It often broke on the battlefield and quickly got dulled.

They used sword Tachi until the 15th century when people made a Katana. They left the two-handed handle but slightly unbent the blade. Katana proved to be much better in combat than its predecessors, so its design has not changed until today.

origin of best katana swords

samurai age

The samurais were an ancient warrior class of feudal Japan. People have usually compared samurai with the knights of Europe who used Claymore swords. Katana was and remained a symbol of samurai authority and privilege. Samurai always wore the katanas with them no matter if they were in armor or civilian clothes, a sword was still on a belt. No weapon in history has been as associated with its owner as a Katana. When a new member of a samurai hereditary warrior class was born, they placed a Katana in a room. Whether the warrior died, his sword was near hand.

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what to consider when you are buying Kanata

blade length

No matter what weapon we are talking about, we always start with the blade length because the blade is the most important part of the weapon. The Katanas are larger than regular types of swords, so a slight difference in blade length will not be a problem. The blade length of Top 6 Best Katana Swords of 2019 starts from 23 to 28 inches. The length of the blade will depend on your height and strength. So if you are smaller build then you need to look for shorter swords and if you are more massive build, then look for longer Katana.

blade length of katana

blade thickness

Weight and impact strength depend on the thickness of the blade. If you are a large body build, a thick sword will not be difficult to use, but if you are smaller than it will be necessary for your sword to be a little thinner. Also, if you use a Katana to cut objects, you will need a thin blade, as it will weigh heavily and cut more damage. The best thickness of the Katana blade is between 0.25 and 0.2 inches.

Best material for katana’s blade

The quality of the Katana will depend on the blade material. Will be knife get blunt quickly, will it be heavy or light, will it be durable and long-lasting, all this will depend on blade material. The life of a sword will depend on whether you put it on the wall or use it in the wild. All these facts are essential for Katana because if the material is not of good quality, then you just threw your money at the weak quality sword.

There are many metals used for swords creations, but steel is the best for Katana. Let’s see what kinds you can use.

  • carbon steel

1045 carbon steel: If you don’t want to give a lot of money to the sword, then this steel may be the budget option for you.
1095 carbon steel: If you want quality and durable blade then be this kind of steel.

  • Spring Steel

5160 Spring Steel: chromium is added to this steel so your blade will be very impact resistant.
9260 spring steel: silicone has been added to this steel, so it will still be as durable as the previous type.

Weight of katana sword

The weight of the sword will undoubtedly depend on the characteristics we mentioned recently, which are the type of material, length, and thickness. When we consider everything and take the best measures from each component, your sword should weigh 2.2 to 2.8 pounds. The weight will not be necessary for someone because they will put the sword in the showcase, but someone who will use it for something that man will have to play with weight.

handle length

As we mentioned before, Katana is a two-handed sword. So you need not pay attention to the length of the handle. Because when you grip a sword with both hands, the handle must be several inches longer than your two fists. The handle of the Katana should be a little less than your three suppressed fists. But when it comes to numbers, the length should be 9 to 13 inches.

Best material for handle

If you didn’t know, this Katana is a full tang sword, so you have to look at the surface material for the handle material. Experts categorize materials for Katana as comfortable and pliable, while no one does not use hardwoods or metals.

  • leather

As with any review of sword, axes, or knives, we always mention leather as one of the most popular materials for handle. So it is for samurai swords too. Of course, if you want to enjoy comfortable and quality leather, you will have to spend a little more money than for other materials on the list.

handle of leather for samurai sword

  • cotton

Cotton is a cheaper option for handle material. Cotton is a traditional material that wraps the handle. It gives a shimmery color, so the sword looks much more beautiful.

handle of cotton

  • rayon

Rayon is a kind of textile that is using a lot for Katana. The material is comfortable and good quality, so it will be comfortable and long-lasting.

katana handle of rayon

Best sheath material

  • leather sheath

The first on the list of best materials for the sheath is leather, but it is not the most popular material among them. Leather is the best material for short swords and knives. It is not suitable for long knives because when you pull out sword the leather sheath twists and others. But it can be great for collector use.

  • wooden sheath

Wood was and remained the most popular material for a sheath. You can combine other materials with wood. For example, you can add metal to make the sheath stronger or add leather to look more beautiful.

wooden sheath for best samurai sword for sale

  • metal sheath

Metal is the next option for sheath; it is not very popular as wood, but it is ok. The metal sheath is much stronger than the previous materials, but it is much more havier.

Best material for katana shelf

Some Katana you have on our site come with a shelf, but some Katana comes without a shelf, so in a few theses, we will tell you what materials you can use for a shelf. Instead of buying one, you can make it at home for your sword.

The best option for a shelf is wood, it is cheap, good quality and traditional. It will look better than plastic or other materials. Metal is another option for the shelf, but it is less popular. It is a kind of Katana modernization, some maybe like it and some may not, it is your choice.

best shelt for best katanas on the market

For what you can use samurai sword

We have already mentioned that the samurai used Katana only for war purposes and self-defense. Because of appearing firearms, the Katanas, like all other cold weapons, have lost their combat purpose. Today, they are unnecessary to fight, but they have found a place on the wall. Today we can say the Katana is the most popular and affordable collector sword today. So don’t waste your time, order one for you.