The 5 Best Roman Gladius Swords of 2020

Ancient Roman gladius, along with Xiphos is one of the smallest swords that existed. The length of its blade represents the upper limit of the range of the most massive knives. Gladius got a name by the Latin word “ɡladiʊs”, which means sword in translation. Gladius used Roman foot soldiers during wars from the 3rd-century BC to 3rd centuries AD, more precisely until the fall of the western Roman empire. We are gonna do our best to describe its features briefly, but first, let’s review the The 5 Best Roman Gladius Sword of 2020.

Comparisson Table

SZCO Handmade Unsharpened Gladius Sword

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BladesUSA C-87 Dull Roman Sword

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Blade material is stainless steel, length of sword is 30 inches, unsharped blade.
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Sharp Combat Commander Gladiator

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Overall length is 24-Inch, blade material is 1060 carbon steel, blade is razor sharp.
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Sharp Roman Gladius Sword By Tomahawk

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Cooming with wooden sheath, 30 inches is long sword, material is Stainless Steel.
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Roman Sword by Marto of Spain

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Very attractive look, Overall longitude 28 inches, blade material is 420 stainless steel.
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Origin and history of gladius sword

The first use of gladiators in combat was during the Battle of Telamon in 225 BC. And the discontinuation of this sword dates to the 4th century or the fall of the Western Roman Empire. This sword was still in use until the Middle Ages, but experts take that date to cease use for military purposes.

According to many people, a gladius is a copy or remake of Greek Xiphos. Since the Roman army was massive, it was necessary to make a sword that is light, easy to use and inexpensive to make. The Roman forgers found these features only in Xiphos, so they remade it, and create a gladius. With this sword, the Roman soldiers carried with them a helmet, shield, and sword equipment, so they were not loaded with the weight of armour like knights which used claymore swords. They had almost nothing on them because they were fast and agile, and when added to the swordsmanship, you get the best soldier in history. Because of that army, the Roman Empire was one of the largest in the world’s history.

history of best gladius swords

Features of roman gladius

How long blade should be?

As we said, the gladius is one of the shortest swords in the industry. The advantage of a short sword over a long sword is that you can use with one hand, it has a smaller mass, and it is easier for flipping. The little blade has its disadvantages, for example, you have to get too close to the opponent, so you give him a chance to attack because the distance is shorter between you and the opponent. But as mentioned in the beginning, the short blade was used because it saved much material and money. Of course, let’s not forget, the blade length ranges from 18 to 27 inches.

blade length of roman sword

Blade thickness

Mostly, this thick or thin blade will do absolutely nothing. Indeed, it is not suitable for the blade to be small in thickness, because it will easily crack when you struck, while a thick blade will prevent the sword from going through things. As with any sword, it is best to keep the blade thickness optimal (neither large nor small), because it must be ideal for stabbing and cutting. It is good to note that this blade is one of the thinnest; this thickness can only be on the knives. But no worries, the sword will still be great. The thickness of this blade is 0.34 or 0.35.


Blade width of best gladius swords

Because of the short and thin blade, it was necessary to make a broad blade. If the sword did not have a wide edge, it would not serve to anything that is the fact. With a wide blade, it has a higher cutting power and is more stable at every swing. Every gladius is factory-wide, so you won’t have to pay much attention to the width of the blade when are you buying one. We will only mention how wide the edge needs to be. Well, the width of the gladius sword blade should be from 2.0 to 2.8 inches.

Blade width of best gladius swords for sale online

Which blade material is best?

During the many centuries of use of this sword for military purposes, forgers used steel exclusively for crafting it. The reason why they used it was simple, it was the cheapest, the most affordable and the best quality metal of that time. Today, after many centuries, forgers are steel using steel for blade-making, but in a much more advanced form.

Three types of steel are most dominant. First on the list is also the best type of steel, that is carbon steel. This quality material is very lightweight and very durable. Overall, this material has all the recommendations from us. Cold steel is the next type to talk about in this blog. Namely, this is a pretty popular knife making material, but forgers also using it for gladiator swords making. This material is quite robust, sharp and extremely durable. And the last one is 420 stainless steel. Experts add carbon and chromium to this type of steel. So specifically, this model is much more impact resistant than the previous two examples.


How long handle needs to be?

Let’s start with the fact that people made this sword can use with one hand that means it’s one handle sword.  At the end of gladius handle, there is a pommel that serves to hold it with the other hand. Also, it’s good to know that gladius has the shortest handle in the entire sword industry. An exciting advantage of this sword is that most of them have so-called hills because of which fingers better lie on the handle, and because of that you have a much better grip. The length of gladius sword is about 5 to 7 inches. This handle length corresponds to the length of knives.

length of gladius handle

Handle material

The next feature about which we will speak is best handle material for best gladius swords. This group includes several elements that you must have heard. They are bone, leather, and rubber. So let’s speak about them.

  • Leather

As we have said in every review so far, leather is by far the best material for any sword. But this is not the case here. Since the handle has a rough, the leather will hardly adjust here. But of course, some swords are not rough, and you can use leather on them.

  • Bone

Since leather is not the dominant handle material on a gladius, then that place has to take bone. We can say that bone is the most used handle material, but it is also the most expensive. In the past, only military leaders were honoured to have a bone on their handles. While regular soldiers had to wrap their metal handles with leather or textile to be more comfortable. Bone gives to gladius sword a unique and old-fashioned look. We recommend that if you have a chance to have a handle of bone, don’t lose it.

  • Rubber

We’ll talk about rubber shortly. As we have said that leather is not as good as bone, then rubber serves as a cheaper variant. If you choose a rubber, then it should be the highest quality that you can find.

  • Plastic

Plastic and bone is the same case as rubber and leather. Plastic is undoubtedly a better option than rubber and leather, but it is not better than bone. If you cannot afford the bones, then choose plastic. Just let it be the best plastic that you can find.

best handle material for roman sword

Balance and weight

Every feature which we have mentioned so far have been below the average of other swords. So it is with weight. The average weight of this sword is about 1.5 lbs, which is much below of other swords. But don’t be fooled that it’s as light as a feather. The low weight gives it a massive advantage as the sword becomes easy to flip, fence and carry.  The balance of a gladius is perfect, and that’s why it’s excellent for learning to fence.


Sheath material

There are many variations of the materials used for the sheath of the gladius. Our recommendation is hard materials like wood and metal. But we will not reject leather and textile because you or producers can combine these materials with wood and metal. Indeed, swords which we have for sale usual coming with sheath, so you don’t have to load the materials because ours are of the highest quality.

Sheath material for best roman gladius swords

Gladius uses

This is a debatable question. We don’t even know the real answer to this question so we will come to it together with the elimination system. Let’s start with survival, you can use gladius sword as a replacement machete for clearing the road, but it will be challenging to use it for splitting wood. Cooking a meal is also absolutely impossible. For example, it can serve as a self-defence weapon like other cold weapons. In our view, its sole purpose is collectable and maybe some fencing. But who knows, perhaps you find a use which we do not know.