Top 5 Best Bowie Knives Of 2019

Bowie knives are cold weapons whose history began in 1820 when James Bowie created the first one. Bowie knife is something you probably have to your collection of knives. It is an excellent tool for self-defense but also can be of help in hunting or survival. Today it’s hard to find high-quality knives, so we present to you the top 5 best Bowie knives of 2019 on the market. With high-quality blade and handle materials, best prices and a good looking you should find one for you.

Knives for sale

Tactical Bowie knife For Survival and Hunting

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12" Tactical Bowie knife, good for survival and hunting, coming up with Sheath Military Combat, Fixed Blade
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Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

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11" stainless steel fixed blade, good quality, excellent brass-plated guard with classic gray hardwood handle for knife.
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USMC Marine Force Recon Giant Bowie Knife

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Blade length is 11.5 inches, full length: 16.3 inches, made of stainless steel and Handle material is over-molded rubber.
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Mossy Oak Survival Knife with Sharpener and Fire Starter

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Mossy oak bowie knife with 15-inch gixed blade, rubber handle, greath for hunting, camping, tactical, outdoor.
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Nescole Bowie Knife with Walnut Wooden Handle

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Nescole Bowie Knife, good Camping and Survival Knife, coming up with Exquisite Walnut Wooden Handle and with Leather Sheath
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history of bowie knives

History of bowie knife started In 1820 when Jim Bowie created the first fixed-blade knife for his brother Rezin. Bowie knife takes its name from American hero Jim Bowie who created this knife. This knife became famous because Jim used it in the Sandbar Fight. Jim decided to make a blade that would be smaller than the sword and larger than the average knife. Although we know that Jim made the first Bowie knife in 1820, unfortunately, no one had a picture of that original knife.

In 1830 a man appeared by name James Black. He edited the original bowie knife and created the kind that is today most represented. James designed a knife with a folding edge and a broad blade. Year after year, people have upgraded this knife in every segment, and today it is a collectors icon.

history of bowie knives

For what you can use Bowie knife

The Bowie knife is an excellent tool for multitasking. It is big enough to replace an ax when you go to the wild. Bowie knife size is an included feature of some tasks like cutting wood or clearing the way through the forest. However, those knives are not better than smaller knives when food is cooking. You can also use this knife as a hammer, first aid, and as a weapon for self-defense.

Cool features about bowie knives

Blade length

Technically, Bowie knives are like machetes but much smaller and with a different shape of the blade. These knives are huge than usual because Jim wanted to make a weapon that would be great for self-defense. The blade length of the Bowie knife is between 5 and 12 inches. That means you can have a Bowie knife with a normal or bigger blade.

blade thickness

Blade thickness is not a very important feature when we talk about these knives. You’re surely wondering why? Because the blade of a bowie knife is usually large, so it has a strong impact without thick edges. So the thicker blade will improve the impact strength, but your knife will be a little heavier. Blade thickness should be between 3⁄16 to 1⁄4 inches.

best blade material

As with each type of knife, the most popular materials are steel and titanium. We can talk about steel all day, but we will recommend cold and carbon steel because they are the most popular among Bowie knives. Next is titanium; it is durable and lightweight; it can be an excellent option for your knife. Or you can read How to Measure Quality of the Steel for any Knife, and you will find the best material for the blade.

best handle material

We will not speak too much about handle elements we will immediately overtake on the species which you can put on the knife. The most popular material is bone. It’s popular because it offers an incredible old-fashioned look and it’s very comfortable. If handle material is metal, you can wrap it with leather, rubber or canvas; the choice is yours. The last stuff is plastic. We should take it into consideration at least. Because the quality is at a minimal level, it is possible to find quality plastic for the handle.

handle length

This knife has a one-hand handle, which means it can’t be longer than much. The handgrip should be thick to have a better grip because every knife is big and hefty. If your blade has a thin handle, that can be a problem. First, it will be uncomfortable, and it can slip out of your hand so you can hurt yourself. The best handle length is between 4 and 5.5 inches. But if a knife is much larger than you will need a longer handle.

bowie knife weight

The weight of the knife in the main depends on the material that makes the blade and handles. But there are limits until which we can go. Bowie blades are heftier than other types because of their size. But on the weight should pay attention to that a knife would be ideal. If the knife you want has a total longitude of 8 inches, then its mass should be 14 oz. But, if you want a larger knife, for example, a length of 14 inches, then the ponderosity should not exceed 25 oz. The weight of a knife will Depend on the fact whether it is a blade of steel, titanium, or iron. You buy a well-balanced knife when you are choosing one. Because it is better balanced, it will better show up in tasks.

bowie knife tang

Tang is part of blade material that extends the whole handle longitude. We should not waste time on this Bowie knife must be full tang because on the tang depends how much a knife will be durable. If your knife got full tang that will be great because your knife will be very strong and balanced. The next advantage of a full tang is when you break or hurt your handle, you will easily be able to replace the handle material, and you can use a knife again.

type of blade point

  • drop point

The first blade type about which we will talk is the dropped point edge. Drop point knives typically have small blades. Why do short cutters have drop points? Short spears do not need a clip point because we cannot use them for serious tasks like cutting woods. They serve for usual tasks like food cooking or something like that. Big ones typically have different points, but they can also have a drop point.

drop point bowie knife type

  • clip point

The second point type, which we will mention, is the clip point blade edge. It is the most popular point type for Bowie knives. It makes a bowie knife heavier than other point types. The angle of the clip point is usually between 15° and 45°, but that can be more or less.

clip point bowie knives for sale

  • fully straight point

The first Bowie knife had a full straight edge. This point today is not very popular like a clip or drop point, but you can find a knife like this if you want to.

 fully straight point for best bowie knives

best sheath materials for knife

  • leather sheath

As with all kinds of knives, leather is the most popular element for a sheath. It’s the same case for Bowie knives. Leather is the most expensive type of material for the top 5 best Bowie knives of 2019 that we will speak in this review.

leather sheath for best bowie knives online

  • kydex sheath

A modern matter called Kydex is the second material from which sheath is making for a bowie knife. If you don’t want to give a lot of money for a leather sheath, then Kydex is an excellent choice for you. It’s lightweight and cheap, but the only problem is scratching.

sheath of material kydex for bowie knife

  • nylon sheath

Nylon is the last stuff on our list of best sheath materials for Bowie knives. It is a similar material like Kydex, but nylon is much popular. Lightweight and low price are features that adorn it, but it is best for small knives like survival knives or belt knives. For knives like Bowie, it’s not very practical.

nylon sheath for big bowie knives