Top 5 Best Belt Knives Of 2019

Belt knives are tools that you will carry on your belt. Usual, these knives are fixed blade weapons. A Belt knife is a similar tool like a survival knife or machete, but much smaller. It is something that you will use as a replacement for an ax or a sword. You can use these knives for the most task, but they may not be large enough like a survival knife. In this blog, we will talk about the Top 5 Best Belt Knives of 2019. We will talk about their cool features, history, best materials, and more. So let’s talk about them.

Ka Bar BK2FDE BK2 Becker

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Cool belt knife with black sheath, blade length 5.25" , blade material: 1095 Cro-Van Steel
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Benchmade - Saddle Mountain Skinner 15001-1

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Benchmade belt knife with G10 handle, full tang knife, stainless steel blade and well-balanced.
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TOPS Knives B.O.B. Brothers of Bushcraft Knife

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Tan canvas micarta handle, black sheath, blade length 4,5 inches.
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Morakniv Garberg

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Drop point belt knife, full tang knife, kydex sheath material, very durable.
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Gerber StrongArm - Coyote Brown

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420 High Carbon Stainless Steel blade, full tang belt knife, very durable and strong.
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The precise period of creation belt knives is still unknown. According to some sources, the soldier’s created belt knives during the Civil War in America. Namely, when US soldiers went to war, they always carried knives with them, which would be of help during the fight, but also in survival. They always put knives on the belt, and from there comes the name belt knives. Over time, they started to make cases for knives that they can’t fall out and damaged during the trip.

Today, most people used these knives as a replacement for bigger knives, machetes or axes. They can do small jobs like cutting woods, skinning animals, and hunt.

features of belt knives

When we talk about features, there are several very significant things. The first feature is the length of your knife, second is the weight, and the last one is the best materials for your knife.

Blade length

Blade longitude is the first feature of belt knives. More length isn’t always better when we speak about belt knives. You will probably use knives for cutting wood or skinning animals, but you can also use it for making meals. Take a moment and consider do you need a knife with a longer or shorter blade length. The length of this knife goes between 4 and about 6 inches max — more than that it becomes a survival or bowie knife.

what is the best Blade length for a belt knife

Handle longitude and design

When you are buying belt knife, think about whether you want classic handle or you more prefer tо wrар your іndеx fіngеr around the knіfе hаndlе. Some people love handles with places for each finger, with that small hills on the handle it would be easier to hold knife during usage. This handle should be соmfоrtаblе to you.

belt knives handle with a place for іndеx fіngеr

When we talk about handle length, there is only one fact. That fact is the size of your fist. Leave on the side the size of your fists and talk about numbers. Three inches of length is not enough. If you want a comfortable grip, you should buy a knife with 4 to 5 inches long handle. That size is universal for any fist.

best knife Handle length is between 4 and 5 inches

What is the perfect weight for a belt knife?

The weight of the knife depends on the material from which it is. When you’re buying a knife, you must find one with an excellent balance to be compact for many tasks. Perfect weight for any belt knife is between 6 and 10 oz as well as with boot knives. More than that, it becomes a survival knife and be weighty, and you may carry all the time.

 the perfect weight of belt knives is 8 oz.

what is the Best material of handle?

Handle material is a significant fact if a point has a lousy quality handle, a knife will fall out of your hand you will hurt yourself. There several materials from which handle is made.

  • Plastic

This material is usual for cheap blades. The plastic handle can be comfortable, but also your hand can sweaty, a knife will slip away, and it will hurt you. Plastic can be very durable, but if you want to use a belt knife for several years, then don’t choose a plastic handle.

plastic is good material for best belt knives

  • Bone

Bone is the most expensive option for handle material. Bone is very durable, and it can last for many years. By the way, it looks incredibly beautiful on knives like these.

bone is the most expensive material for belt knife handle

  • Metal with Leather

Like bone, leather is also an expensive option for your handle. However, if you don’t want a full leather handle, you can wrap with leather your existing handle. Quality of holding will be much better, and your knife, the knife will look more beautiful.

belt knife with the leather handle

  • Metal with rubber

For budget knives, metal is the usual stuff for the handle. There are a lot of minerals for a handle. The best material is titanium. It is reliable, very durable, and light. The handle of titanium makes a knife very good balanced and useful for any task. However, if you don’t want titanium, you can choose a lot of types of steel. If you’re going to make a more comfortable handle, you can wrap a grip with rubber.

metal knife handle wrapped in rubber

  • wood

Wood is the traditional way of the good looking knife. If you choose a wooden handle, you should lacquer it. The reason why you should lacquer grip because it makes wood more durable and much more beautiful than before. If you don’t do this step for a while, your handle will break up or damage.

the wooden handle of a belt knife

what is the Best Material for the blade

Blade material is another significant fact, on it depends on sharpness and knife life. There several materials from which handle is made.

  • Steel

Steel is the most popular material for blades. Steel 1095 is the most used type of steel for knives. It is durable, sharp, and reliable. But next to 1095 is carbon steel. Its advantage is less weight than 1095 steel.

steel is the Best material for belt knife blade

  • Titanium

Differences between steel and titanium are not significant. Titanium is strong as steel, but it is less dense. Titanium is better showed up at extreme temperatures than any steel.

material for a belt knife blade is titanium

best blade Thickness

When we talk about these belt knives, bigger and heavier isn’t always better. If you want to do some tasks, you will need a thick blade. The best blade thickness is between 0,1 and 0,25 inches. Remember more significant and more substantial isn’t always better for a belt knife.

What is the best material for the sheath to protect your belt knife?

If you want to protect your knife, then you should buy a sheath for it. When you go to a forest, you must have something to carry your knife so you can’t lose it.

  • Leather Sheath

The first material is leather, which is the oldest material for a knife sheath. Leather is a good option for sheath because it is high quality, durable and badass looking. Leather is expensive material for sheath, but it’s very affordable.

Sheath of leather

  • Kydex Sheath

Next is modern Kydex, it is an excellent choice for your sheath because it is light and comfortable if you carry it on the belt. The only problem is that Kydex is scratching a lot because it is a type of plastic.

The sheath of material Kydex

  • Nylon Sheath

The ideal material for the sheath is nylon. It is perfect for аnу еxtrеmе ѕurvіvаl ѕіtuаtіоnѕ. It’s very cheap, and you can find it everywhere. It is the most popular material because it is durable and economical. The problem is that it will break down faster than other materials.

Nylon sheath for best belt knives