Top 5 Best Throwing Knives of 2019

Throwing knives are the same tools as throwing axes but much smaller. People design these knives for throwing into the target. You cannot use these knives for survival or diving; their only purpose is target shooting and nothing more. In this post, we will talk about... read more

Top 5 Best Bowie Knives Of 2019

Bowie knives are cold weapons whose history began in 1820 when James Bowie created the first one. Bowie knife is something you probably have to your collection of knives. It is an excellent tool for self-defense but also can be of help in hunting or survival. Today... read more

Top 5 Best Belt Knives Of 2019

Belt knives are tools that you will carry on your belt. Usual, these knives are fixed blade weapons. A Belt knife is a similar tool like a survival knife or machete, but much smaller. It is something that you will use as a replacement for an ax or a sword. You can use... read more

The 5 Best Boot Knives of 2019

Boot knives are usually small in nature, and with little surprise. It’s just no use walking around with a knife so big or long that it hampers your movement and affects your comfort. Self-defense situations pop up too rarely for it to be a fair trade and you move too much for outdoor use to be impaired that way.

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The 6 Best CS-GO Knives of 2019

The whole reason CS-GO knives are so big in the first place is because of their aesthetic qualities. The in-game CS-GO knife industry has grown shockingly huge, with players willing to pay 1000’s of dollars for the most stylish vanity items. It’s inevitable that this would spill over to the real world.

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