Top 5 Most Famous Swords

Through history, a lot of swords have been made, some of those swords have been remembered in history because of their features. For people who had these famous swords, legends and myths about their strength were talking. Some legends say that gods and beasts gave them swords. In this blog, we will talk about the Top 5 Most Famous Swords ever, so let’s talk about them.


Excalibur or Caliburn is the sword of King Arthur; there are two stories about how King Arthur got this sword. The first story says that the sword was stabbed in the rock, but no one could get him out. Wizard Merlin told that only a true king would pull out the sword from this rock, Arthur pulled out the sword and became the new king. The second story says that about how the villa from the lake gave Excalibur to King Arthur, at dying king tells his knights to throw the sword back to the lake. Legends say that this sword was the sharpest in the world and how it could cut the steel like a wood.

2. hrunting and Naegling

Hrunting and Naegling are swords used by Beowulf. According to the legend, Beowulf got the Hrunting from the Danish king Unferth, and the Naegling got from the king Hygelac. Both swords had high power, but they betrayed Beowulf. Hrunting turned to the weak against the witch, and he threw it. Naegling broke up while the hero fought against the dragon.

3. Durandal

According to the legend, the angel gave the sword to the Charlemagne. It had in itself tooth of St. Peter, the blood of the St. Vasily, hair of the St. Denis and part of the clothes of the Virgin Mary. According to the song of the Roland, Durandal was used by a hero to defend himself from thousands of Muslim soldiers and allegedly it was the sharpest sword that exists. According to the legend from the 12th century, in French Roland he threw the sword on the cliff it stayed in the cliff where it can still see today.

4. seven-branched sword

Baekje was a Korean Empire that controlled part of China and the whole of Korea. King of Baekya gives honour to the king Nihon Shoki, and he gives him Seven-Branched Sword. This sword had one main blade which on each side had three smaller blades. Such an edge gave a very unusual look of a sword. According to the legend this sword was made of 100 times stronger steel and it could kill 100 enemy soldiers at once. Today this sword is in the Japanese city Isonokami and is not exposed to the public.

5. Napoleon’s Sword

Napoleon was a French general, and later he became a czar, he was a military genius which has contributed a lot to the art of warfare. During his war conquests, Napoleon always takes with him a golden sword and a pistol. After his death, the sword moved from knee to knee and in 1978 it became the national treasure of France. Napoleon’s sword was at an auction in 2007 sold for incredible 6,4 million dollars, and the buyer never found out.

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