In Which Tasks Can We Use Claymore Sword?

With the advent of firearms, swords lost many of the functions they had previously performed. So, in this blog, we will talk about in which tasks you can use claymore today.

Knight festivals

Today there are many manifestations related to knights and the medieval ages. When these meetings are held, the people who take part wear knightly clothes and carry their weapons. The major part of these manifestations is knight fights. Competitors from all over the world measure their strength to see who is the best. In this way, the lovers of the middle ages maintain this tradition and do not allow the knights and their long sword to be forgotten, because it has a very interesting history.

Two knights are facing with claymore at the festival

Sword collecting

The longsword next to the katana is an icon that collectors crave. Claymore can perfectly fill a space and even look nice on any wall. Its price is not high, ranging from $50 and up. Due to its accessibility, it is not uncommon to see it on the walls of collectors. And it is impossible not to see it in museums. But there are many more reasons why knights used the only claymore blade.

Usage in the wild

Previous titles have been related to where claymore sword is suitable for use. And now we will talk about what things you should not use it.

When we say to use in nature, tasks such as cleaning the road, chopping wood, making fire, making shelters, and many others are immediately associated with it. In none of these tasks, longsword should be used. For example, you need to cut wood for firewood or shelter. The claymore is sharp and has a powerful blow, but after a few blows, you will be literally tired, and with that, the sword will probably be damaged. However, we suggest you leave the claymore at home when you embark on an adventure.


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