How To Make a Sword

Do you want to have a sword, but you don’t want to buy it you want to make it. Making a sword is not easy job unlike making a bow and arrow, it takes a lot of time and patience. In this blog we will show you how to make a sword step by step. We will show you what do you need from materials and which are best for the best sword. Also we will specify all the steps and procedures which are necessary for well-crafted sword.

1. step: find tools you will need for making sword

  • Anvil, it is iron block on which metal can be hammered.
  • Hammer, it servise to create a basic shape of the blade, it can be manual or electric.
  • Oven, Its purpose is to heat up the metal to be easier for forming steel.
  • Thongs, it will be needed to hold the metal during forging.
  • Grinder, it will be needed for sharping.

2. step: choose type of sword that you are going to make

When you make a sword you have to coose type of sword which you like most or which you want to make. Do you want shor or long sword, do you want Ninjato or Cutlass, you can find all types of swords on our site. But if you don’t want to make traditional swords you can make custom or some famous sword which will have dimensions according to your wishes.

3.step: choose right material for your sword

If you want your sword to be strong and durable you have to choose right material for it. Today, seel is the most popular material for making them. You can read our post WHAT IS THE BEST MATERIAL FOR SWORD? and you will find answer.

4.step: forging

The first step in making the sword is forging, take your steel for the sword and heat it until it gets golden yellow color. When the steel gets warm enough, take it out from the oven and start to form a blade. When the steel cools after a few minutes you bring it back to the oven to heat up again, repeat this process until you fully format a blade.

5.step: sharpening

If you have formed a sword then start to sharpen it and removing unevenness. Use pen to mark on blade line which you will follow when you cutting and sharpen it. The best tool for sharpening is grinder or polisher.

6.step: Heat Treatment

After sharpening and shaping , the next step is heat treatment. This step is the most important, because after that, the sword will gets more strength. Find a long metal or PVC tube in which you will pour oil to cool the sword. Do not pour water because it will distort the sword. Put it in a oven and hold it until steel reaches a critical temperature, when it gets critical temperature get it out and put it immediately in the oil, hold it for 30 seconds until it cools down. When you pull the sword out, be careful because the steel is brittle and can easily break or distort.

4.step: making handle

On the end of the blade, cut the edges until the width is 1 inch and the lengths will depend on the type of sword you have chosen. On the metal handle put a metal or plastic tube which has the same diameter as grip. Around the handle that you just put wrap it with leather or rubber to make it easy to use.

7.step: Polishing

And the final step is polishing, we will not talk much about polishing. It’s best to do it with an angle grinder so that the sword gets a shiny color.

Folow this video and ti will help you to make a sword. Video is done by user Marek Tabi.