How To Make a Bow And Arrow

Making a bow and arrow is much easier job than making a sword. Process of making them is far easier, but it takes a lot of time and patience. In this blog we will go through every step, and we will explain each step in detail to make quality bow and arrow. To make quality weapon you need to choose type of bow and follow our instructions and job will be much easier. So let’s talk about how to make a bow and arrow.

how to make a bow

Making the bow is consists of several steps, first we need to find pole for bow of material that you want. Specifically in this blog we will make wooden bow, so we need to find a pole which should be strong and dry. After that we move on curving the bow which is very easy step, then we can mark handhold and limbs. And final step is string the bow and that’s the end of making the bow.

1. find the best material for bow

The first step in making the bow is finding the best material which should be durable and elastic. We suggest you use wood because it is most popular material for making the bow. The best type of wood is Osage orange but if it doesn’t exist in your environment than use red oak or some other type of tree.

Go to your nearest forest and find some dead pole or cut one from living tree, make sure that the pole is not damaged or broken. The length of the pole should be up to 5 feet and thickness about 1,5 inches. But if you cut off green wood leave the pole a few days to dry than scrape the pole until the unevenness disappears.

2. Curve the bow

Next step is curving the pole, this step is important because the launching power depends on that. You can do this in two ways, first is to find two large stones and edges of the pole put on them. With your foot gently press the center of the pole to the ground, repeat this process until the pole gets a slight curvature. The second way is also easier to perform, put the pole on the ground and hold the top of it with one had while the other top will stand on the ground. With one leg gently press the middle of the pole and after some time it will get the curve.

3. mark the handhold and limbs

Next, you need to mark the handhold and limbs, take a pen and mark the center of the bow which will serve as handhold. It must be in the middle of the bow because of the balance. The length of handhold should be about 7 inches or as two fists. You can wrap this place with rubber, leather or any textile. Above handhold is the upper limb, and below handhold is the lower limb, both ends of the limbs are connected by a bow string.

4. String the bow

String the bow is the last step in making bow, take survival or boot knife and on both limbs cut off one notch about 1 to 2 inches from each end of the bow. The important thing don’t cut notch only from the back of the bow, cut out from all sides. Depth is also important, don’t go so deep because it can break when you pull, so cut out notch enough to hold the string in place. The second part of this step is necessary to select a bow string. We have to hint that power of the bow depends on the elasticity of the wood, not from a string. When you choose a string, pay attention to thickness, material and durability. Click here to find the best bow string online.

how to make an arrow

After making the bow we are going to make an arrow, first we need to find long and straight stick, it can be of wood, plastic or some other material. Next we need to set up a head to the arrow and final step is setting up fetching and that’s it.

1. find long and straight stick

First step in making an arrow is finding long and straight wooden stick. Make sure the stick for arrow is dry because if you take green wood after a few days it will be distorted and will be unusable. But if you decide to use green wood then leave stick on the sun for a few days to dry. You must have wondered I have sticks but how long it should be Don’t worry, we have not forgotten that, the length of arrow should be minimum 1/2 bow length and it shouldn’t be thicker than 1/4 inches.

2. set arrow head

The most dangerous and at the same time the sharpest part of the arrow is head, you can make it in two ways. The first way is to put the top of stick in the fire for a few minutes and sharpen it with a knife. This method is easy to make, but this type of arrowhead will dull very fast and it is not good as next method of setting arrowhead. As we said the second method is better because the arrow gets more damage, precision and balance. The head should be long up to 3 inches and it can be of stone, metal or glass.

Take you arrow and on the top cut notch 1 inch depth, take your arrowhead and put it in notch. After that take some string or cord and tie head to stick so it couldn’t fall out. This method will improve your arrow but carefully it can cause serious injuries.

3. fletching your arrow

The last step in making arrow is setting up fletching. Fletching is aerodynamic stabilization device which is always set on end of arrow. You can put 2, 3 or 4 fletch on single arrow, our recommendation is to put 3 because it is a golden environment. Fletching can be of various materials such as cardboard, plastic but it is usually made of feathers. In this blog we will make fletching of feathers but if you can not find them then you can make it from some other material. Find 3 feathers, let them be about 4 inches long, remove one side of each feather and place the feathers on the end of the arrow at the same distance. Take some string and first tie front ends and then the last ends of fletching. Your arrow is now ready to launch.


We are hope that the bow and arrow along with sword and axe supplement you arsenal of cold weapons.

Folow this video and ti will help you to make a bow and arrow. Video is done by user Chop With Chris.