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Throughout history, the sword was the most popular and at the same time, the greatest cold weapon for a close fight. The main parts of the sword are blade and handle, a module can be short or long, and it can be with one or two sharp edges. The knife also can be straight or curved, straight blade is better for stabbing, and curved is better for cutting. In this blog, we will talk about the best swords you can buy online.


First types date back to the 16th century BC, the blades of that time were like long knives, they were short-lived. Sword was developed in the Bronze Age, those were used only for hunting and self-defence. With the arrival of Metal age, quality of blade has been improved in all segments. Blade became stronger, sharper and better for close fight. The handle is usually of wood, but some people were made of steel with leather to make it more comfortable. Sword was most used in the Middle Age, but they lose their purpose in the 17th century because of the arrival of firearms.


Every nation has made a type of sword which is today a symbol of their country. Now we will talk about the most popular types of blades which were used worldwide. In Japan, there were ninjas and samurai. Ninjas used ninjato and samurai used katana sword. The European nation had many types of blades, the oldest sword is Greek Xiphos, but Romans have remade it and call it Gladius, Vikings had a sword called Carolingian while Scottish used Claymore blade. Spaniards and French used sabre from which it was made pirate sword Cutlass. These are some types of sword, which you can find in our online store for the excellent prices.





Throughout history, the durability of the sword is always dependent on the type of material from which it is made. In the beginning, sword was made of bronze and later of steel and iron. Today there are materials which are lighter but more durable unlike medieval. The best materials for sword blade are 5160 and 6150 steel, but 1095 carbon steel is modern material which is lighter than classic steel, but its fault is that it does not give the mass to the sword. The handle is mostly of wood, but today most used material is steel AISI 5160, on this material is putting leather or rubber to make it more comfortable.


With the arrival of firearms and gunpowder, swords became unnecessary in battle, and they lost military purpose. After so many years some armies still using sabre as part of their uniform for military parades. Another everyday use of swords is in the sport like ninjutsu and fencing. Also, people love to have some sword which they can use for house usage or just collectors purposes. Every type of sword can be collector’s sword, for example, if someone loves samurai he will buy Katana and someone who loves pirates he will buy Cutlass. In our site, you can find a broad assortment of rare collector cold weapons.