Find The Best Axes For You

An axe is a tool used for cutting wood and war purposes. Today, an axe is most used for cutting wood, trowing or camping. The first types of axe were created 30,000 years ago in the Stone Age. Axe has two parts, the first part is handle and the second is head. In this blog, we will talk about components, types and best materials for an axe.


An axe has two parts, yes we already said that, but now we will talk about them. The first part is handle, it is usually of wood, but sometimes it’s made of metal to be more durable. Handle of an axe can be straight or curved, curved is a better type for cutting wood and straight is better for trowing or war axes.

The second and most crucial part of the axe is head. Original materials for the crown were stone, bones and horns. Such heads ware dull and short life. By the arrival of the Metal Age, people started to make heads of metal and began used in war. Head of an axe has three parts, the first part is a blade which purpose is splitting, the second part is the eye which connects head and handles, and the last part is butt which can serve as a hammer. Today, an axe is the most popular tool for cutting wood. In our shop, you can find cheap and high-quality axes for every purpose.


Axes are usually classified according to their purpose. There are axes for cutting wood, for camping and collectors axes. Now we will mention a few types of axes that are most using today.

Axes for cutting wood are the first type of them, in our shop you can find the best Fiskars, Estwing and Husqvarna axes. The second types of axes are throwing axes. This type is made only for trowing, so you can’t use them for anything else. The next class is collectors axes, in this type are classified Viking, Greek and Rome axes. This axe you can use for house usage, or you can put it on the wall. The last type of axes is camping axes. These axes are multi-tool which you always have to take with you when you go on camping.

Also, the type of axe can be determined by the kind of head. There are axes with one blade, such axes are intended for cutting wood or camping. On the other hand, there are axes with a double edge, such axes are usually collectors axes.



We were talking about parts and types of an axe. Now we will answer the question of what is the best material for an axe? Head is the main and also the most substantial part of a shaft, so it must be of sturdy and durable metals. Today bronze, iron and steel are most used materials for ahead. Usually, the handle is of wood, but today are using better and quality materials to improve the performance of an axe. The best materials for the handle are wood, fibreglass and in some cases steel.