Reviewing the Best Knives on the Market

All Knives brings you the best knives on the market, if you’re not sure which one to buy, we’ve got you covered with our in-depth reviews!

Knives of the Month

Here are the top knives from September as selected by All Knives

Bear & Son Song IV Black Hunting Knife

TR-2702 Custom made and Hand Forged

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife

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Who We Are

Here at All-Knives we live up to our name and help our readers no matter what kind of knife they are interested in.

Hunting, skinning, survival, tactical, butterfly, boot, diving, or even CS-GO replica knives, we got you covered.

No two categories of knives follow the same considerations and preferred features and it’s important to base your decision on the merits of each individual group.

Latest Reviews

Read our latest reviews for the top knives of 2017

How to Measure Quality of the Steel for any Knife?

How do you know if steel is of high quality? If you’re paying 300-400$ – for a knife you can assume is a quality. But you can also get a quality steel for under 100 $ so how would you know? We’re going to talk about few important ways that steel is quality is measured!

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The 5 Best Diver Knives of 2018

You might wonder why you should consider the method of attachment when buying a knife. The simple answer is that if you plan to attach the knife to your BCD in any way, it’s safer to go with a blunt tip/folding blade knife. The last thing you want to do is puncture or accidentally cut your BCD!

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The 5 Best Boot Knives of 2018

Boot knives are usually small in nature, and with little surprise. It’s just no use walking around with a knife so big or long that it hampers your movement and affects your comfort. Self-defense situations pop up too rarely for it to be a fair trade and you move too much for outdoor use to be impaired that way.

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