Why The Romans Used Only Gladius Blade?

If you have ever wondered why the Romans used the only gladius, this is the right place because we will answer that question today. So let’s begin.

1. Gladius was small

Mobility in battles is always essential. Moreover, sometimes it is crucial. Well, the thing is, the Roman soldier was very mobile. He did not wear heavy armor, nor did he use heavy weapons. He wore only a helmet and upper armor. And of the weapons, he used only a Roman sword or spear (depending on what position he was in). in most cases, a gladius was used, so each soldier was quick and could act very strongly. Also, the gladius was easy to carry out of combat and was used for quite a few things while the Roman Empire existed.

2. It was cheap to made

It is in every man’s interest to procure for himself a cheap and good quality tool. Of course, today, it isn’t very easy, but it is still possible. Fortunately, the Romans found a recipe that allowed them to make a cheap and quality sword (like gladius). Roman empire was very powerful because they had almost unlimited resources and mineral wealth. They had everything from mineral resources, but the metal was the most important because they used it to make weapons with which they went in conquest.

3. Blade was easy to made

We will now follow up on the last thing because they relate to the same thing. Namely, the shorter the sword is, the easier it is to shape the blade and get to the result. For this sword, it was necessary to forge an edge of a certain length, then cool it, then shape it, and finally sharpen it. It was not very difficult because the Roman Empire had many smithies and the people who worked in them. In essence, the Roman gladius sword was not too challenging to construct, and therefore not expensive to make.

Ancient forger making a gladius blade for roman army


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