Why Knights Used Only Scottish Longsword?

Many people wonder why knights used claymore when it was so large, and before it, other swords were also used for military purposes. Well, today, we will answer these unresolved questions.

1. Because of its size

The first reason is mainly and most crucially why claymore was the most used sword in the Middle Ages. When you look at the knights’ pictures, you will see that they were wearing very heavy armor, so they had to be very strong. They had been trained since early childhood, so no weight load was a problem for them. Therefore, since they were always under heavy armor, they were not mobile. That means that they could not use a small sword like a gladius, but they had to use a large one to defeat the opponent in one blow. All this could be done with claymore because it is long and heavy and has great striking power. But since the modern age has come, today claymore usage is entirely different than in the Middle Ages.

2. Its simple to made

Another reason why the knights used claymore is that it was very easy to make. When we compare the making of a katana with a longsword making, we will see that there are a lot of differences. Namely, the katana has about ten construction stages, while longsword can be made in 3-4 steps. The blacksmiths shaped the blade, then cooled, then sharpened and added small details. When Japanese forgers made the katana, they forged a blade and cooled it several times in a row, sharpening very gently and slowly. Perhaps by this, you can judge which sword is of better quality, but we just wanted to explain to you why the knights used it.

3. Cheap to made

Another reason for use is the price required to make it. We just said how simple it is to create a claymore blade. Therefore, the fewer steps and time invested in making a sword, the lower the cost. Certainly, in that period, metal was no problem, and it was a very cheap material. And so, that’s why knights used the only claymore, but there are other reasons how longsword became so popular.


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