The 3 Factors Why It’s Better To Put Claymore On The Wall Than To Use It For Fencing

As the title says, we will talk about the three factors why we suggest you put claymore sword on the wall instead of using it for fencing or other purposes.

1. Size

We have long ago concluded that size is not crucial for a sword to be dangerous. So, the biggest problem with this sword is size. Due to its weight, it is difficult to use it for camping because it is tough to wave constantly to clear the road or cut wood. However, any use of this sword will be very strenuous due to its big length and weight. Due to its size, tall people can use this sword, but it won’t be easy to use it in the right way if short people use it. But size is just one of the reasons¬†how claymore has become so popular.

2. Maintenance

As you know, if you use something a lot, then you also need to maintain it a lot. If the sword is on the wall, then it requires very little maintenance. For example, you can lubricate and sharpen it for six months. But it will depend on the place where you live. If you live in the tropics, you can do it for a year, but you need to do it for a few months if you live in the winter arias. In essence, it takes much less time to maintain if claymore is on the wall.

3. Banned for usage in some countries

Some countries in the world banned the import, export, and any use of cold weapons. Some states do not allow this due to their huge size, as they are difficult to restrain, and then injury can quickly occur. Fortunately, in America and Canada, claymore sword is not banned and can be used for all purposes. But if you live outside these countries, we suggest that you get a little informed of the law, and only then can you judge whether to buy it.


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