In Which Tasks Can Gladius Sword Be Used Today?

Due to circumstances and because of past events, gladius’s use is quite different from before. If you have read our previous blog about old gladius uses, then you know what it is about. And, today, we will talk about the modern use of gladius.

1. Roman festivals

Many people worldwide are in love with the history and culture of ancient Rome. That is why festivals dedicated to them are held all over the world. At those festivals, people dress in clothes worn by the ancient Romans, carry their weapons, and imitate their life habits. It’s nice to visit those festivals and trust us, you won’t regret it. However, the most popular event at these festivals is fencing, where gladius is used.

Modern people disguised as ancient Romans with gladius swords at the festival in Germany

2. Home usage

Most of the house has its own master who understands many things (e.g. car mechanics, wall painting, and more). However, each master has his tools and accessories, which he uses periodically. Some of them buy a large knife or a smaller sword, which will replace the ax. Those people who opt for a sword mostly want to buy something different. A lot of them opt for short blades like roman gladius and xiphos. In general, they come in handy in any business, but they are useless in some jobs.

3. Collecting

It can be said that the gladius sword is the most common among collectors (mostly because of its rich history). The previous two uses are not nearly as widespread as collecting. The gladius represents a sword that has left a deep mark in the past because the most significant battles were fought with it and used by great generals (like Gaius Julius Caesar). Today, it represents wisdom, self-confidence, and respect for the one who possesses it in its house.

Most people put it on walls or in display cases. It is very suitable for these places because it is below average size. And also its price is excellent, on our site the prices of gladius for sale range from $40 upwards.


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