How Claymore Blade Become So Popular?

You probably haven’t wandered the internet and stumbled upon claymore, but you’ve probably read an article about knights or watched a movie about them. Well, today, we will talk about how Scottish claymore became popular.

In museums

In any museum or castle in Europe to go, you will see knights’ armor and swords. Namely, you probably know that knights were among the most popular warriors of the Middle Ages in Europe. And in most European countries, knight signifies prestige, strength, and wisdom. They also keep that epoch in European land because the Middle Ages would not have been celebrated if there were no knights.

Because of movies

If you have traveled a lot, then the previous title is not foreign to you. And if you have never set foot in Europe, then your knowledge is mostly based on films based on historical events. So, we will list a couple of movies that raised the knights from the dead and saved them from oblivion, but you also need to know why the knights used only longsword and not some other weapon.

1. The Crusades

Even if you haven’t watched this movie, you’ve probably heard of the popular crusades that marked the early Middle Ages. Namely, if you are unfamiliar, the Crusades were fought between Christians from Europe and Muslims from Asia for Jerusalem’s supremacy (Jerusalem is a holy city for both Christians and Muslims). However, that film tells the story of the Crusades and the events in them. Of course, the knights are in the foreground, and because of that film, it can be said that the knights came to life again and got a lot of fans.

The crusades arriving at the Jerusalem with claymore swords in their hands

2. Braveheart movie

The Braveheart movie is not just about knights. It’s about William Wallace. That man is thought to have first made a claymore sword. In essence, this film is not about the origin of the blade, but William’s part of life. But the knights are very little mentioned. Essentially, it’s another movie that helped bring claymore back to the present day. We present to you three factors why it is better to put claymore on the wall today than to use it for fencing like knights.

William Wallace holds Scottish longsword in Braveheart movie


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