History And Origin Of Roman Gladius Blade

We consider that the gladius sword is one of the oldest blades ever made. Today we will talk about its history, origin, and how it copes today in modern times. So let’s start.

Origin of roman sword

According to many sources, historical writings, and many historians, the gladius sword is a descendant of the greek xiphos. If you are unfamiliar with European history, a great Roman Empire emerges with the fall of the ancient Greek Empire. Therefore, since the Roman Empire was massive and had a large army, it was necessary to make a small, light, and inexpensive sword for war purposes. So, roman forgers find all that in xiphos, so they changed the blade’s shape and design and named it gladius. By characteristics, it was no different from the xiphos, only looked a little bit different.

First and last appearance of gladius

Due to the Roman Empire’s enormous area, it took researchers a long time to figure out when and where the gladius sword was first used. But after a long time, they concluded where and when gladius was first mentioned. Namely, The first use of the roman sword in combat was during Telamon’s Battle in 225 BC. It is a little strange because it appeared 500 years after the founding of the Empire. But this is not the only ambiguity, and the second ambiguity concerns the cessation of its use. According to historians, the gladius was used until the 4th century or the fall of the western Roman Empire. But there is enough evidence which disproves that claim. Namely, gladius is believed to have been used until the Middle Ages or until the advent of the popular claymore sword.

Gladius today

Today, gladius, like all other swords, is used for some simple tasks but is mostly used as an ornament or collection. But, today’s usage of gladius is quite different than its old way of usages. However, in most cases, they are used as an ornament, so it is not uncommon to see a blunt gladius because it is much safer. Our site offers you a large assortment of excellent quality gladius sword. So don’t waste time, order one for you now.


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