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Today we have many uses for knives that even extend beyond the practical applications such as hunting, survival, self-defense, diving and game dressing. Knives have also become a fashion statement and can be picked for their aesthetic values.

New skills, such as knife flipping have even been invented and even developed into an artform. Their are some people with masterful abilities.

This broadening field with its growing number of followers and potential owners means their are more novices who might know much about knives but want to make informed decisions. And with good reasons. Knives are potentially a dangerous object, they have a wide range of specialities and most knives will not suit any lifestyle or hobbies, and lastly, their is a huge price range, which means you want to make the best choice for your price bracket.

Check out our reviews where we don’t only point out products we think are great but provide you with excellent and comprehensive buying guides so you can make informed decisions by yourself. We know a top 5 list can’t cater for everyone so use the knowledge you gain from reading our blogs to arm yourself with the information you need.

We hope that we at All-Knives provide you with the type of quality, no bull, and clearheaded articles to make the best knife choice for you. All-knives believe there is a knife for everyone.

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